The Sa Barra Freestyle Contest took place on May 9 and 10 2015 at the Windsurfing Club Sa Barra on the island of Sant’Antioco in South Western Sardinia. The spot is well known by freestyle windsurfers and local Luigi Madeddu, who is himself a passionate freestyle windsurfer, built up a nice windsurfing infrastructure at a windy spot.

Two dingle eliminations were completed and the winners were Maaike Huvermann in the ladies category and Giovanni Passani in the men’s category, who just had his PWA debut in Podersdorf, Austria in the beginning of May.

Strong Mistral wind with over 30 knots caused two days of nicest freestyle action. 1.000 Euros price money were distributed amongst the winners. 


Sa Barra Freestyle Contest 2015 – Video

Sa Barra Freestyle Contest 2015

Sa Barra Freestyle Contest 2015



Results SA BARRA CONTEST // 2 dingle eliminations

(1st stop of the national tour AICW)



1. Maaike Huvermann

2. Eva Chiochetti

3. Nicole Bandini

4. Francesca Floris

5. Stefania Fumagalli



1. Giovanni Passani 

2. Mattia Fabrizi

3. Jacopo Testa

4. Nicolò Tagliafico

5. Luigi Madeddu

6. Stefano Lorioli

7. Matteo Romeo

8. MatteoTesta, Rossel Bertoldo, Riccardo Marca

11. Francesco Farci, Marco Vinante, Fausto Mattana, Luca Pirina, Francesco Cappuzzo, Gianluca Tamantini

17. Matteo Piras, Stefano Salemi