Romain Pinocheau travelled to Dahab during June and windsurfed at the famous Blue Lagoon, where 90% of the footage for this video got filmed. We asked the French freestyler a few things about his recent trip. Read more and watch the clip with rad flat water freestyle action.


Continentseven: When did you travel to Egypt and how were the conditions? 
Romain Pinocheau: I went to Dahab the 2nd of June for 3 weeks of training. It was my first time in Dahab, but my second time in Egypt. I went to Safaga in 2004 with my parents and it’s also a really good spot. I always sailed with my 4.4m and sometimes the 4.0m and 4.8m with just 2 days of “break” to recover. In June it’s is windy every day at Dahab and the temperature is very warm. The spot is beautiful and I was always amazed by the beauty of the water and the landscape. I hope to travel there again !


Continentseven: Did you always feel safe during your trip?
Romain Pinocheau: When I came back to France, my mother informed me about the terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Egypt. I was afraid about the violence of the attacks, but not about the places where they occured. I spoke with the Egyptians after the attacks in Tunisia and we didn’t care about a terrorist attack in Dahab, because it’s really secure like at a lot of other windsurf spots in the world. Danger is everywhere now and we can’t boycott a country because there were terrorist attacks or shark attacks or alien attacks. Otherwise you have to avoid all places in the world except your bed!



Romain Pinocheau at Blue Lagoon, Egypt

Filmed by: Pasha Khomenko & Mahmoud Abdo