Traveling along California’s coast in a VW Combi Westfalia from 1982! What a great road trip for passionate windsurfers? Ophelie Joly and Xavier Frelin, they are a couple, started their California trip in Los Angeles all the way up to San Francisco in May 2015 and were lucky with the wind and wave conditions. And it was a special trip for Xavier as he returned to the water after a long hard period of recovery from a bad leg injury.


“California has high quality spots and good wind statistics, but we didn’t really know what to expect, but we did not to do the same trip as everybody…

We had 9 sessions and 13 days driving around there. Honestly we could have sailed more if we had drove around a bit more, but being there and miss to visit famous touristic places would have been a pity.

Driving along the mythic Pacific coast highway nr. 1 from Los angeles to san Francisco was a good way to forget about our difficult winter. I had 2 surgeries on my leg after an injury that I had last winter and was forced to stay off the water for 4 months in a row. I was missing wind and waves a lot. Actually I am really motivated to train hard and get back to a good level in freestyle and continue to improve my wave skills.” Xavier Frelin


Xavier Frelin and Ophelie Joly traveling and windsurfing at California’s coast


Spots in the video:

  • Davenport/Wadell Creek /25 to 30  knots side shore right tack/waves 3 to 4m
  • Crissy Field/San Francisco /20 to 25 knots side shore small chops
  • 3rd Avenue/San Mateo/20 knots side shore port tack/flat

info: the water of the Pacific Ocean is cold during May: 11° to 12 c° in the Ocean,  15° to 17° in the San Francisco Bay Area