Italian style master Jacopo Testa, who is one of the world’s best freestyle windsurfers, released his video “Riding Sardinia”. The humble Italian, who already won the EFPT overall ranking or made it on PWA freestyle podiums, spends a lot of time in Sardinia when he is not on tour. Over the years he not only improved his freestyle level, he has got incredible skills in waves, too. Jacopo now lands Goiters, frontside wave 360s, Push loops or carves through stylish Cutbacks. We are impressed Japo!!! Enjoy the off season and have fun on the water!!

Jacopo, who also likes to add a little hand wash during a difficult double freestyle move, told us the names of the spots in the video:

“We had fun on the freestyle kit in Porto Pollo in the north of Sardinia and in Sa Barra, San Antioco in the south west. The wave conditions were on at Cala Piscina at Sardinia’s north western corner. We as well got brilliant wave conditions in S’Ena e Sa Chitta. This spot is located around 60 kilometers from Olbia in the east.”


Italian windsurfing pro Jacopo Testa lands insane moves on his freestyle & wave gear in Sardinia, Italy

Filmed by the camera boys Gavi, Jhonny, Joshwa, Lini, Remy, Ricki & Yardi