The perfect summer storm arrived in Bavaria and local freestyler Andi Lachauer enjoyed the conditions. The rasta man from Munich, who runs the SUKI Surfcenter at Lake Walchensee – he started the business together with his girlfriend Rita this spring – enjoyed the great freestyle conditions at the neighbored lake Kochel. It’s just 5 kilometers from his center. Andi, who loves free sailing, landed a few big freestyle moves. Great to watch! The water shots look so real! And it’s worth to visit these beautiful lakes, when a storm front arrives.

“We had fun on the water until it got dark. All the light were on at the beach already. It was a special scenery riding such strong wind during a summer day in August. Rita filmed almost all the action.” Andi Lachauer

Riding a summer storm at Lake Kochel in Bavaria, featuring German Andi Lachauer