Unfortunately Rick Jendrusch dislocated his left shoulder during a Shove-It Spock in his heat against Amado Vrieswijk at the 2017 DAM-X event. Rick just was on the road to recovery from his last shoulder dislocation and wanted to take it easy during this competition.

Video of the Shove it Spock

Rick Jendrusch Shoulder injury

Rick Jendrusch Shoulder injury

Today we met Rick and asked him about his status-quo.

How did it happen? I went for a Shove-It Spock in the heat against Amado and pressed against the sail at the end of the rotation. Somehow the pressure was too much and my arm went out of position.

Was it very painful? No, it was ok. It happened for the third time within a year. Now I need to go for the next step, meet with a specialist and make a MRI to see what’s going on and if I will need a surgery.

Amado stopped his heat and helped immediately. Yeah, that was awesome that  Amado immediately helped me, what was great. Thanks a lot for that. And the chain of rescue worked quite well.

You are out of the competition now, but still part of the organization at the DAM-X? Disappointed? Yes, a bit of course. It went really good in my heats against Vladimir Yakovlev and Tonky Frans. Even against Amado it felt good until I got injured on my left shoulder. Now I try to look forward, focus on my part in the organization and will do everything after the event for my shoulder.

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