Ricardo Campello getting washed at the Hookipa rocks

Every windsurfer who sails big waves at Ho’okipa has probably experienced the same like Ricardo Campello: Getting washed up on the rocks at Ho’okipa and breaking the gear. In this video Ricardo shares one of his last exits over the Ho’okipa rocks. 

I spend a lot of times on those rocks at Hookipa but this is the first time I get the whole thing on video thanks to Robby Swift. Most of the times it’s easy but when you least expect it it can be hard on you! Yesterday I was surprised how gnarly it was but luckily I’m ok! There’s actually no easy way to come out of there!  Ricardo Campello


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Ricardo Campello – Hookipa Action

The current number 1 in the PWA wave ranking Ricardo Campello is back in Maui. With only one wave event left on the PWA tour, Ricardo will try everything to finally claim his first Wave World Champion title.

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