Ricardo Campello has just released the first episode of his new online series CampelloVision. The video is a mix of great actions shots with stunning landscape shots of South Africa with statements of Ricardo in between. The video is filmed and edited by Fukajaz, who also made the Freestalero Episodes of Gollito Estredo.

“This is the first episode of “CampelloVision” series. The story of all experiences behind my professional career. A career that has been surrounded by beautiful cultures, places and real connections with many intangible things through my passion: Windsurf. I visited Cape Town and found a rich culture builded by their people and their ways of understanding life from simple perspectives. Cape Town people have the most honest smile I’ve ever seen. I feel very happy for this new project.” (Ricardo Campello)

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Ricardo Campello in CampelloVision Ep. 1 – Cape Town