In this new video from Naish Ricardo Campello (35) talks about his freestyle history, the championship titles in Freestyle, his current favorite set ups and the status quo in Naish development in Maui. He developed Quad wave boards for Naish together with Michi Schweiger in the past months. Ricardo, who hopes to have competitions in 2021 again, talks about the future in windsurfing and about his double Air Taka move. And he has another secret: “The hardest move for me are the turns and to make them consistently.”

Ricardo: “For me windsurfing has been great and I am happy how things are going on my side at least. And hopefully it’s getting better…” and his advise: “Windsurfing is a challenging sport. Don’t give up…” 

It’s good to hear in between the lines that Ricardo is fully motivated to progress in wave sailing. Let’s see what 2021 will bring.

Ricardo Campello talks about his past, the current situation on Maui and the double Air Taka move – Video