Ric Cleworth (K-958) is a 22 year old upcoming freestyler from UK.Jay Haysey from Global Shots filmed Ric while several freestyle sessions in the bay of Vassiliki, Lefkada and leter edited a 1,41 minute long clip. It happened while the summer months, when the days are long and the thermal wind sometimes hammers really strong down the hills in the late afternoon and early evening hours. Ric already lands an arsenal of difficult tricks and his goals are clear for 2012:“I really hope to get a wild card for a PWA freestyle event in the upcoming season.” And we should mention that Ric was a racer in the past and then changed into the freestyle discipline. While the summer he works at Club Vass and while the cold European winter he prefers to spend the time in Egypt, Dahab or Brazil. 12 months summer is the best out of Ric´s view.


Ric Cleworth – Playing in the Shadows – Full Version from Jay Haysey on Vimeo.