Last week the 3rd edition of “La Reunion Wave Classic” came to an end. After 7 days of wavesailing, 3 completed rounds with big jumps in nasty mast high waves and pure down the line conditions in clean 10 feet barrels, 10 broken masts & 10 ripped sails the results are as follows. More about the event and the format you can read here.


Best Team: Steven Pichot/Colin Sifferle/Camille Juban with 23 points

Best pro rider: Colin Sifferlen

Best local rider: Pierre Godet

Best move of the event: Camille Juban with a perfect air 360

Worst Wipe: Camille Juban (crash #10 in the wipe outs video). > Worst Wipe out video


Here you can watch a second videopart of action from the event. The final video of the event is coming soon as well.

VIDEO Part 2