This is the final video of the 2nd edition of the team invitational wave contest, the “La Reunion Wave Classic 2010”, created by Umi pictures. It was an incredible event, which saw 8 days in a row of non stop epic down the line wave riding, a lot of broken masts and insane aerials!
Pure glassy barrels, nasty waves, big airs, huge jumps, insane moves, bad crashes! It´s definitely everything in there, you would like to see about wave riding!
So just sit down and enjoy this 10:40 minutes long clip. The beautiful images captured by Umi pictures and the action of all participants look incredible. Feel free to leave any comments!

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Music Credits:
Ravine Blanche session:
‘Ancient Chinese Secret’ – Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins
Etang Sale session:
‘Stone For Your Love’ – Reef
Final session:
‘How Do You Feel’ – The Van Daniels