The Reunion Wave Classic saw incredible hard conditions and ended on the 5th of September 2010. 12 riders participated in 4 teams. Here are the official results of the 2nd edition of the “Reunion Wave Classic”.

The best team and best rider


– The best team: Pierre Godet/Julien Taboulet/Fabrice Beaux with 39 points

– The best rider (voted by the riders): Thomas Traversa wins this trophy, after a very tight battle with Camille Juban.

Thomas Traversa, who got the award for the best rider (Pic: Gilles Calvet, RWC).


– The best local rider (voted by the riders): Pierre Godet, unanimously

– The best move (voted by the media staff): Thomas Traversa, with his fully landed “off the lip into grubby” (captured on video, available in the final video to come soon)

– The best Wipe Out (voted by the public): Wipe out #14 of the video wins! It is Fabrice Beaux who earns the trophy this year

– ExtraTrophy (voted by the organization): Another trophy has been given to Zane Schweitzer as the youngest participant (16)