The second mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase is officially started. We have asked Dany Bruch, Victor Fernandez, Leon Jamaer, Marcilio Browne and Julien Taboulet how they got informed about the mission and what they expect from Tasmania. We were not able to get in contact with Thomas Traversa, but we know that he has been sick and in bed, before he started his trip. We hope he will be ready to challenge the storm and we wish everybody the best of luck in Tasmania. It is going to be massive!



Victor Fernandez
I was in Pozo Izquierdo when I received the alert to go to Tasmania. I had my ferry to go back home tomorrow morning & now my schedule changed completely. My travel route will be Gran Canaria-Madrid-Dubai-Melbourne-Tasmania. I bring 3.0 up to 4.5, 4 masts, 2 booms, 2 bases&extensions, 5/4/3 winter wetsuit, globes, botties and winter clothing. I expect to survive on this 2 mission as this my first time in Tasmania & I don`t know any of the spots, its going to be exciting.


Leon Jamaer
I was quite far down in the list of substitutes so I didn’t really think about being part of mission #2. That`s why I was a little surprised when the phone rang and I got the call that I was in. I think it will be a bit less cold than Ireland though the weather will be rough! I brought a 5/3mm wetsuits, sails from 3,5 to 4,7 and my smallest 76 Quad. Right now I am in Dubai and wait for the crew and our connection flight to Melbourne. There we will spend a night to make sure all the bags arrive. Then we take small chartered plane straight to Marrawah, it will be exciting!


Dany Bruch
We had the first alert before the weekend already. That got called off and it seemed that finally we would get a rest…until we got the next alert Sunday…it looked like a pretty solid solid that we are now on our way to find out!! I am super amped and keen for this mission! I need to get wright off some anger that has stayed in me after the bad result at the PWA at home…best way to unrelease it is in a storm! I have got sails from 3.3 this time up to 4.7 and a 74L Quad and 77L Kode, 2x 5.3 wetsuits with a hoody, gloves, booties, impact vest and painkillers!!! I am flying from TF to Madrid, Madrid to Dubai, Dubai to Melbourne, a night there and then it goes with private jet to Tassie!!;-)) cant wait to get there!!!!


Marcilio Browne
I was informed when I was in NY visiting Caitlin. I was just ready to continue on my trip to Brasil and they said we might go, so I decided to cancel that and just wait in NY, because it would be a lot easier to fly to Tasmania. So now I will go from here to LA than from there to Sidney . I have 2x 5/4 wetsuits and a 4/3 wetsuits , together with boots and gloves all together. I have a 72 and 79 liter boards and sails from 3,4 up to 4,5 . I just hope its a bit more mellow and warmer than Ireland, but well, we never now, I am just trying not to think about and just deal with it when i am there. As for now I want to get some sleep on the long flight and have fun over there with the boys! 


Julien Taboulet
I am in the bus right now with my 2 boardbags, in Paris between Orly Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport. Iam coming from Perpignan, straight away from my windsurfing club the Wesh Center Crew , I was still teaching this morning to 20 peoples in a good wind. I was informed by mail Monday that Tasmania was on severe alert, we got the green light this early morning! I am going to Dubaï tonight, then Melbourne where we would see all the crew. I have 2 80L boards for big wave riding and hard conditions, 4 Boxer sails (3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.7), 4 mast and 2 booms… +. 2 wetsuits 4/3 mm, that´s it! I am looking forward to discover the wild land of Tasmania, and Marrawah looks like a huge wave to ride, ouhhhhhh!!!! I am really stoked to go there, this is an unreal trip who is starting right now.



Video about the touchdown in Melbourne