The finalists

The finalists


Mission 3 to CORNWALL (UK) is a “GO”! Competitors & crew are already at Cornwall. The competition will be on Saturday and Sunday. The forecast is massive. predicts for example a wave height of 11.1m and 47 knots wind speed for Gwithian. GOOD LUCK to Marcilio Browne, Leon Jamaer, Dany Bruch and Thomas Traversa for the final mission.


We have caught up with Dany Bruch, Leon Jamaer, Marcilio Browne and Thomas Traversa. 


Dany Bruch: “Yesss!!! The final is finally there!! I cant belive it!! I have been looking forward to this moment since Tazzie! Since then we have had a few alarms, but they always got canceled again..but now…yeehaaaa..exciteedd!! And the forecast looks amazing!!! I cant wait to see what we are going to get…I already had 2 nights without sleep..just too excited! 
When I got the final GO I was in Tenerife doing some shooting for a new clip for Challenger and after some stuff for the goverment of the island…it actually took us all had a late pack and off to the airport next morning! I packed 2 Starboards, my favorite storm weather board, the Kode 77 and a Quad 74. I packed my new 3 batten sails from Challenger, that work amazingly well in high winds, a 3.2, 3.7,4.2 and a special storm chase sail that Claudio Bad  from Challengersails made for me for this final mission..a 3.5 super machine!! Also packed my Xcel wetty 5.3mm with all the extras to keep me warm, plus my Ugg boots and lots of more cloth to stay in good temperature!  

This is my first time in Cornwall. We have been introduced a bit with the conditions we might get…massive waves and strong winds of course!! Forecast looks epic…10m waves and more than 50 knots…what a mix! I cant wait to see it happening! My expectations?? It’s now or never to give it all!! All I want to do is to go big!!!”

Leon Jamaer: “I am in South Africa and now, since we have the official GO decision, I can go for one last relaxed session down here as we have a pretty decent swell today. Then I will head straight to the airport and hopefully get a bit of sleep during the overnight flight. I will bring boards between 74 and 83 liters, sails from 3,2 to 4,7 and a 5/3 wetsuit. I sailed Cornwall some years ago and had a few nice sessions over there. As far as I know it should be port tack, very windy and big. I hope it will be a little less windy than Ireland and similar waves to Tasmania… maybe one or two heats in side-on would be sick for jumping!”


Marcilio Browne: “I got informed 2 days ago and I was at home in Maui. I will bring sails from 3,4 to 4,7 and 5/4 and 4/3 wetsuits. It is my first time in Cornwall and I guess the conditions will be very intense. My goals is just to do my best and have fun.” 


Thomas Traversa: “At last we’re here for the big final and able to catch a storm. It’s my first time to sail in Cornwall, everyone’s saying there are good spots. It should be good! The forecast is crazy with, like, the bigger waves ever, I just hope we find a good place that’s not too gnarly – but also not too sheltered.”