Despite a severe foot injury, the Polish windsurfing lady Justyna Sniady, finished her video application for the Red Bull Stormchase event and kept her humor.

Justyna: “I was waiting for the second edition of the Red Bull Storm Chase since the last one! It was my dream to be involved in it as the world’s biggest redbull drinker and ambassador and completely committed storm chaser. I was unlucky and broke my foot a month ago doing a forward.. gutted.. but I decided not to give up on the project and I finished my red bull storm chase video already with the broken foot. Deffinitely could have been better if I could walk.. and sail! I was hping to get heaps of footage in Pozo, bought a camera and.. got injured on the first day of filming! Hope you like what I managed to put together, and I hope the 3rd edition of RBSC will come up and that I will be alright to sail by then as my breakage is a nasty one and nothing is certain yet. Enjoy!:)”