Red Bull Storm Chase 2018 – Preview

The Red Bull Storm Chase is back for 2018. Last winter none of the winter storms met the requirements of the contest, so the contest got shifted to this year’s winter.

Klaas Voget: “We’re not looking for just windy days, we’re looking for a big storm system (force 10 storm, 89-102kph) creating truly radical conditions that match the challenging requirements of the contest. The storm has to tick many boxes – stable forecasts and wind directions, size and duration of the system, temperatures, daylight, infrastructure.”

Let’s see if this winter will bring one of the desired storms. Defending champion Thomas Traversa is ready for the chase and had already two good warm-up sessions in Ireland and Portugal. > Video: Thomas Travers in Ireland

The four finalists from the last Red Bull Storm Chase Leon Jamaer (13), Dany Bruch (10), Marcilio Browne (3) and winner Thomas Traversa (6) are automatically entered. Four open spots remain. All riders have had the chance to apply for 2017 and submitted a video and rider profile to be considered. 57 riders signed up. PWA rider Klaas Voget, PWA head judge Duncan Coombs and PWA photographer John Carter – the expert panel – nominated 10 riders.

Following 10 riders are already chosen. All riders are PWA riders (ranked between 1- 19),  except Kai Lenny, who doesn’t compete on the PWA world tour.

The nominees (4 riders will be selected for the contest)

Adam Lewis, United Kingdom (PWA rank: 5)
Antoine Martin, France (PWA rank: 19)
Camille Juban, France (PWA rank: 13)
Jaeger Stone, Australia (PWA rank: 7)
Kai Lenny, United States (no PWA ranking)
Jules Denel, France (PWA rank: 17)
Philip Köster, Germany (PWA rank: 1)
Ricardo Campello, Venezuela (PWA rank: 8)
Robby Swift, United Kingdom (PWA rank: 16)
Victor Fernández López, Spain (PWA rank: 2)

Key Facts:

  • Goal: the world’s toughest windsurfing contest
  • Contest window begins January 5, 2018 and runs until March 17, 2018
  • Riders judged on jumps, wave riding and execution of tricks
  • Four riders are qualified from the last event in 2014; four more selected from a pool of ten in the days leading up to the event
  • Fans (and riders) can propose locations
  • Event is confirmed only 72 hours before the start of competition

Red Bull Storm Chase 2017 – Teaser

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