Rasmus Oegelund  is a passionate freestyle windsurfer from Denmark, who he lives on a little island called Thurø in the southern part of Denmark. He decided to escape the cold winter in Denmark and travelled to Tenerife and it seems the trip to Tenerife paid off.

Rasmus Oegelund: “Denmark was without any wind but full of snow and ice for 1 month, so straight after exams I had to get out. The plan was to go to South Africa, but my study wouldn’t allow it time and money wise, so I thought I had to go for second best and just go to Tenerife… But Tenerife turned out to be far better than what I expected and I ended up scoring just as many days on the water as I would’ve had in Cape Town (17 out of 18).” 


Rasmus Oegelund with some powerful freestyle action at the Cabezo bay, El Medano, Tenerife