Danish windsurfer Rasmus Oegelund (D-22), who competed at the EFPT event in Podersdorf, Austria, released his new freestyle clip “GLOW” with windsurfing action filmed during an evening session in Cape Town, South Africa last winter. Christopher Friis filmed the action. The light is beautiful and the deep sun made every single drop of the water sparkle golden. A special glow during a special free session. Rasmus: “We filmed the video 2 evenings while I was in South Africa this winter. 30 minutes before the sun sets the light is amazing. The angle for filming moves in the sunset is just right on lake Rietvlei. We always started filming 1 hour before sunset, but it really is a small gap with the perfect light, so I’ve tried only to use the clips from the last half hour.”





Continentseven: Rasmus, please introduce yourself…

Rasmus Oegelund: I’m 21 years old and I live on a little island called Thurø in the southern part of Denmark not too far from Germany). I started windsurfing 7 years ago together with my good friend Ole Hasholt. In the beginning we were the only windsurfers on the island, but during the years more and more people have started windsurfing here, and today we are 50 windsurfers organized in a little club. Mainly freestylers under the age of 22!
The island is great for freestyle when the wind is right. Flat and shallow water together with some gusty wind makes it good for training!


Continentseven: For how long did you stay in Cape Town?

Rasmus Oegelund: 2 months in total, but could easily have spent more time there!


Continentseven: At which spots did you windsurf?

Rasmus Oegelund: Cape Town actually has a lot of different freestyle spots to offer. This was my first time there, so I’m sure there are plenty more freestyle spots to be sailed!
Lake Rietvlei is good for competition training as you get a bit of chop there. When you want flatwater you drive north to either Kraalbai or Langebaan. We used Langebaan the most and there you get perfect flatwater on starboard tack and stable wind! One time I went down to Somerset West on an unusual NW wind, where I scored a really fun session with flat water on the inside and building waves on starboard tack on the way out.
Other than that, you can always go freestyling at Sunset beach or Big Bay before the wind gets really strong and if the waves are not too big!


Continentseven: Are there any local freestylers?

Rasmus Oegelund: Actually I didn’t see any locals practicing freestyle, but there are a bunch of local guys doing slalom on the lake.


Continentseven: You improved a lot in freestyle during the past year? What was the main reason for that?

Rasmus Oegelund: Thanks! I finished school 2 years ago, so the last two winters I’ve been able to travel away from the frozen water in Denmark and get some training on the other side of the world. Last year I was in Western Australia and this year in South Africa. I think sailing in many different conditions helps you to improve, together with consistent conditions where you can go sailing many days in a row. Back where I live the wind is depending on low and high pressure systems, so sometimes there’s a whole month without any wind. When this happens I keep thinking about sailing and doing moves all the time.  What usually happens when I go on the water again is that I’ve been improving even though I haven’t been sailing.


Continentseven: Will you compete a lot in the future?

Rasmus Oegelund: I would love to do every competition which is on, but the financial aspect sets a limit.
For the moment I’ve chosen to spend my money on travels for training instead of competitions. I still have a lot to learn before I can do really well in international competitions. This means I will be going back to Western Australia in September, then hopefully Brazil, South Africa and Maui, and then I will be back competing next season!


Continentseven: Do you like to compete or do you prefer to have a free session?

Rasmus Oegelund: I windsurf, just like any other windsurfer, to have fun. And I’ve found that a combination of competitions and free sessions brings me the most fun.
Competitions give me sooo much motivation and inspiration for my free sessions. It pushes me a lot more than I would have done myself just by windsurfing at home, and improving and doing new tricks makes me happy!
But if I should choose between a day of competition or a day free sailing with the boys at home, I would choose the free session anytime.


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