Raimondo “Ray” Gasperini is 51 years of age and he still lands Shakas, Spin loops, Ponches or Back loops. The Italian from the capital Roma again decided to spent the time before christmas in Jericoacoara, Brazil. This spot has it all, what Ray is looking for. Constant wind, good ramps, some waves, as well for surfing, a good night life, a windsurfing competition and the most important, warm weather conditions. It’s possible to windsurf in shorts! And it’s good to see that Ray is still fit and motivated to land radical freestyle moves.

Raimondo “Ray” Gasperini: “Here’s my video summary of the intensive training during November and December in Jeri. I’ve filmed some of my favorite move, from carving 360 to Forward, Ponch and the difficult Taka on a wave. I show my moves from different perspectives and edited them together. Also inside there are some moments of Sup wave surfing and some evening atmosphere of this magical place. Jericoacoara has so many attractions.”

Raimondo Gasperini with freestyle action from Jericoacoara, Brazil

Photo: B.Finassi, XRay press