Coronavirus impacts the Professional Windsurfing Tour calendar 2020.

Update 27.03.2020

COVID-19 Catalunya Costa Brava PWA World Cup Cancellation

PWA: “Amid the continuing evolution of the global COVID-19 crisis, the decision has been taken to cancel the 2020 Costa Brava PWA World Cup. Although the cancellation is a disappointment to everyone involved, we know that you will all understand that the safety of not only the athletes and staff involved in the event, but the world’s population, must be the priority to all of us. The event is fully expected to return for 2021. There are no further updates about PWA events at this time.”

3 events are cancelled, 1 event is postponed and still 9 events are on the updated calendar.

Update 11.03.2020

COVID-19 France PWA World Cup postponement

PWA: “As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop and expand, the decision has been taken to postpone the PWA Marignane World Cup in order to best protect the best interests of the riders and the event. The Marignane World Cup will now take place from the 9th to the 14th October 2020.
Although this is disappointing for everyone, we believe it is the best option to protect the success of the event, maintain sensible demands on travel, and ensure a fair competition for all under the current circumstances. We would like to thank everyone at Club Nautique Marignanais who have worked hard to make the event happen and deal with this complicated situation. 
At present there is no expectation of any further cancellations from the calendar, but we will continue to monitor the difficult circumstances and keep you all informed, should anything change.”

There are still 6 Slalom events (new format or classic) for men and 3 for women on the updated calendar.

Update 24.02.2020

COVID-19 South Korea PWA World Cup Cancellation

PWA: “Further to the cancellation of the Japan World Cup last week, and in light of the worsening situation with COVID-19 on the Korean Peninsula, the local authorities of Ulju County and Ulsan City have taken the decision to cancel the Ulsan PWA World Cup in Korea. As with the Japanese event, we fully expect South Korea to return to the PWA Calendar in 2021.”

Update 21.02.2020

COVID-19 Japan PWA World Cup Cancellation

Unfortunately the PWA had to announce the cancellation of the Japan event in April 2020 and it’s not sure, if the second Asian tour stop in South Korea will take place. Read more

As a result of the impact of the corona virus, COVID-19, the organizing committee of the Japan PWA World Cup at Yokosuka, have taken the decision to cancel this year’s event in the interests of the health and safety of competitors, crew and spectators.

The committee made the following statement: “The Japanese Government has issued a directive for the restraint of nonessential and non-urgent activities in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, many large-scale events within Japan have been cancelled. The members of the Executive Committee have decided to prioritize the health and safety of the sailors and visitors. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, we have determined that it would be best to cancel the 2020 Japan PWA competition.”


On February 11th the PWA has released their provisional 2020 tour calendar with 12 events:

  • 8 Slalom events (new format or classic) for men and 5 for women
  • 5 Wave performance events for women & men and
  • 2 Freestyle events for men and one for women

“We are finally able to publish the PWA Calendar for 2020. Securing Freestyle events at the top level still presents its challenges and we continue to work on possibilities for all events through the year.

On the wave tour, the usual suspects will continue for 2020 and we expect to continue to build on the success of the very successful collaboration on Maui with our friends from the IWT, to ensure that the Aloha Classic continues to be a part of the world ranking.

The Slalom tour remains very strong and going into the 2020 season, the discipline is undergoing its greatest evolution in over a decade. Racing will now take place in winds down to 5 knots, with competitors being able to choose whether they race on a fin or a foil, creating a tactical opportunity as winds increase, similar to that of a tyre choice in formula 1 motor racing. The new format will almost guarantee racing on a daily basis at events and will ensure high speed action whether its 5.0m weather in Fuerteventura or a gentle sea breeze in Costa Brava.” (PWA)


PWA World Tour Calendar 2020 (provisional)

  • France / Marignane – (31st March – 5th April) Slalom women & men – World Cup 5 Star (postponed due to the coronavirus/COVID-19)
  • Japan / Yokosuka – (17th – 22th April) Slalom women & men – World Cup 5 Star (cancelled due to the coronavirus/COVID-19)
  • South Korea / Jinha Beach – (30th April – 5th May) Slalom women & men – World Cup 5 Star (cancelled due to the coronavirus/COVID-19)
  • Spain / Costa Brava – (19th – 24th May) Slalom (men only) – World Cup 4 Star
  • Portugal / Viana do Castelo – (16th – 21st June) Slalom women & men – World Cup 5 Star
  • Gran Canaria / Pozo Izquierdo (3th -11th July) Wave performance women & men – World Cup 5 Star
  • Croatia / Bol (13th -18th July) Slalom women & men – World Tour 1 Star
  • Fuerteventura / Sotavento (23th July – 1st August) Slalom men only, Freestyle women & men – Grand Slam 6 Star 
  • Tenerife / El Cabezo (3rd – 9th August) Wave performance women & men – World Cup 5 Star
  • Denmark / Klitmøller Cold Hawaii  (13th – 20th September) Wave performance women & men – World Tour 1 Star
  • Germany / Sylt (25th September – 4th October) Wave performance women & men, Freestyle men, Slalom men – Grand Slam 7 Star
  • France / Marignane – (9th – 14th October) Slalom women & men – World Cup 5 Star
  • Maui / Ho’okipa (28th October – 12th November) Wave performance women & men – World Cup 5 Star

Additional possibilities include events in Brazil, Turkey, China & Cabo Verde

Portugal & Klitmøller returned to the calendar. Croatia is new on the calendar for 2020.


NEW STAR RATINGS on the PWA World Tour in 2020

Star ratings are added next to the events which is a new addition to the PWA structure. Under the new system, events will be awarded stars based on the level of the event in terms of prize money and associated standards.

New, lower level options have been created to offer an opportunity for new or smaller events to become part of the World Tour. These events, awarded the status of “World Tour” 1 – 3 Star will carry ranking points that count towards the PWA World Championship ranking according to their level. The points at each level will be calculated on a percentage basis according to the prize money level compared to full World Cup Prize money. However, riders will only count results according to the number of events at 4 star World Cup level and above. For example, if there 4 events at 4 Star World Cup or above, then a rider will count their best 4 results of the season – regardless of what level they are – before any discard rules have been applied.


1 – 3 Star events will include one discipline at different levels below World Cup Prize Money

4 Star events will include one full World Cup discipline for either men or women

5 Star events will include one full World Cup discipline for both men and women

6 Star events will include a minimum of 2 disciplines OR above minimum prize money

7 Star events will include more than 2 disciplines


All events of 4 to 7 Star, World Cup, Grand Slam and Super Grand Slam rating and above will carry the same ranking points for each discipline regardless of their star rating.

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