On the eighth day of the PWA Worldcup on Sylt the legendary Panasonic Tow-In Freestyle night session took place at the Brandenburger Beach in Westerland. The beach was completely full of spectators ready to watch the night session. 

The winner Steven van Broeckhoven

The opening heats witnessed six amazing sailors earn their places in the final, with the world champion Steven Van Broeckhoven pulling an incredible thirty point scoring triple jumping funnel and Browne landing at perfect burner into funnel to put him through. The brothers from Bonaire, Taty Frans and Tonky Frans blew the judges away with their moves putting them straight into the final. Heat number three saw Björn Saragoza secure his place with a double jumping funnel and Jose Estredo nailing a burner into funnel for maximum points.

The sailors knew they had to up the game for the final, but unfortunately Estredo went down on both his moves. Taty nailed a jumping double funnel but it wasn’t enough as Browne and Saragoza were on fine form landing their own amazing moves. Closing the competition Van Broeckhoven pulled a super-fast triple funnel to earn him his first tow-in competition win in Sylt.


  1. Steven van Broeckhoven
  2. Björn Saragoza
  3. Marcilio Browne
©Text: PWA/Ed Sinclair, C7