Due to no wind on day 7 here at Sylt we saw an incredible Tow-In freestyle session, where the freestylers raised the bar and broke the judge’s scales in the third Reno tow-in freestyle competition.

Gollito Estredo

Again all eyes were on Estredo and he wowed the spectators with the highest and faster burner into funnel in the competition for 31.5 points. Taty was the man to watch landing a burner into flaka cana brava on the beach putting him in second place. The masters Van Broeckhoven and Tonky were joint in third place having had two runs each so a sail off was arranged. Tonky played it safe landing an air funnel, but risking everything Van Broeckhoven closed the competition with an astonishing triple jumping funnel.

The top three of the third tow-in freestyle session


  1. Gollito Estredo
  2. Taty Frans
  3. Steven van Broeckhoven
  4. Tonky Frans
More pictures from the tow-in show


Due to the lightwind, the organizers decided to bring the lightwind trickser Caesar Finies to the event. Yesterday he already went on the water and showed some of his tricks in no wind.

Caesar Finies, the lightwind freestyle pro


Watch the video from yesterday here.



And in the evening a preview show of the upcoming movie MINDS WIDE OPEN took place in the cinema at Westerland. Incredible action mixed with great music makes a movie, which should not be missed in your DVD collection. We saw edited parts from Maui, Gran Canaria, Indonesia, Egypt, Cape Verde and in the end a crazy crashpart. 

© Text: PWA/Ed Sinclair, Continentseven