The PWA Wave World Cup Crozon Morgat in France ends without an official result. There was a bit of wind during the contest period, but the swell was never enough to allow the start of the main wave contest. With lay day after lay day a freestyle tow-in session was arranged to keep the crowds entertained. It was a close decision between Ricardo Campello and Dieter van der Eyken. They both did the same move, a Burner 360, but Ricardo’s one was a bit higher and he won by 1 point. Marc Pare completed the podium with a smooth Ponch. Despite there wasn’t much wind and no swell during the contest period the scenery looks beautiful in this part of Brittany.

The next and final PWA Wave event will be the Aloha Classic on Maui starting October 28. If Victor Fernandez fails to win the event, Philip Köster will be crowned PWA Wave World Champion for the third time. In the ladies fleet, there is a good chance, that Daida Moreno will get another PWA overall title.


PWA World Cup Crozon Morgat – Photo Gallery