The first day of the 2014 PWA World Cup Costa Brava welcomed the slalom windsurfers with a light onshore breeze ranging from 8-12 knots. At the end of the day, the first round of Race No.1 got completed. 

Most of the windsurfers were on their biggest gear sets available. Björn Dunkerbeck, who registered a 10m2 for this year and failed to advance from the first round was obviously not happy with the conditions: “The wind started off pretty good 10-12 knots and sunny, up until my heat no. 6 it was on the limit but ok, then a cloud came, the wind dropped and changed angle, so even on my 10m2 Severne reflex 5 and 130 Litre Starboard I was underpowered. I’m really happy with the sail but in no wind there is a limit…! A few heats later the day was called off for not good enough wind for slalom! Looks like there will be Tramontana in a few days… I really hope to get some better wind for windsurfing soon. AND SOME FUN SLALOM!”