Antoine Albeau and Sarah-Quita Offringa dominated the penultimate day of the PWA Slalom World Cup in Alacati and are leading the event overall ranking. Albeau, has even such a lead, that he is already the winner of the event one day before the event ends. It was definitely the comeback of the year 2012. So far, the French Slalom machine was not able to win an event this season, but with this first victory of the season at Alacati he is back in the game for the 2012 worldtitle. 

Antoine Albeau – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Antoine stated the following at his Facebook account about today: “It was a good day again, winning 2 eliminations. I had good starts, perhaps the best of the event and good speed, using 8.6 Evo4 and 129 and 114 RRD. A big thanks goes to the guys, who were caddies for me today. 6 first, one 3rd and one last for now and one more day to go!”


His hardest opponent Dutch Ben van der Steen finished twice in third position. Again a great performance. So far he made it 7 times out of 8 eliminations into the winners final and already secured his second place here at Alacati.

Ben van der Steen – Pic: PWA/John Carter


The last remaining place on the podium is still open for two sailors: Björn Dunkerbeck and Ross Williams. Dunkerbeck had a strong day and finished in 2nd and 4th and is ranked overall in 3rd. Ross Williams, who won the Formula Worlds last week, is on fire in the Slalom discipline as well and is only 8 points behind Björn.

Tomorrow is the last day of the event and the PWA race crew plans only more and final elimination. This one will decide, who will grab the third place in the men´s category. The skippersmeeting will be at 11.00 and the first possible start at 11.30. 


Result men after day 5

1. Antoine Albeau (4.2 points)

2. Ben van der Steen (12.7 points

3. Björn Dunkerbeck (24 points)




In the ladies competition freestyle queen Sarah-Quita Offringa from Aruba dominated the day and won both eliminations. Sarah-Quita switched now fully into the slalom mode and shows incredible speed. “Dushi dia yiuu… 2 times a 1st place and now I finally moved into 1st in the overall ranking……tryna keep it cool… but daaayuumm bwoooiii this is wicked !! 1 more day to go :-)”, Sarah-Quita seems to be happy.

Sarah-Quita Offringa – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Who else sailed strong in the ladies category?

Top contender Karin Jaggi made it once in 2nd, but missed the second winners final. Lena Erdil managed to make it in second once. French Delphine Cousine finished both finals of the day in 3rd. Valerie Arrighetti secured twice a 4th place. Tomorrow, the last day of the event will show, who are the fastest three here at Alacati. In case Valerie will win the final elimination, Sarah-Quita needs a 6th or better place to claim the event title. 


Result women after day 5

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa (8,8 points)

2. Valerie Arrighetti (14,7 points)

3. Karin Jaggi (19,4 points)