The this year’s PWA event is a windy one. On day 5 we saw the completion of the wave and freestyle single eliminations and start of the double eliminations. And on the second day 2 slalom races and 2 foil races were completed.

Re-watch the action from the event.

Day 9 – no wind

Day 8 Foil Racing

Day 7 – no wind in Sylt

Day 6 Wave & Freestyle Double Elimination

Men’s Freestyle Double Elimination Part 3

Men’s Freestyle Double Elimination Part 2

Men’s Freestyle Double Elimination Part 1

11:43 local time Super Final Wave Men Traversa vs Campello

Start of the men double – elimination

Day 5 Freestyle Single Elimination Final & Wave Single Elimination Final

On day 5 we saw the completion of the wave and freestyle single eliminations and the start of the double eliminations.

Wave Finals

Ricardo Campello wins the men single elimination in front of Thomas Traversa, Alex Mussolini and Jaeger Stone. Sarah-Quita Offringa wins the women’s single elimination in front of Iballa Moreno, Lina Erpenstein and Steffi Wahl.

Freestyle Final & Freestyle / Wave Double Elimination

14:08 local time (in the upper right corner) Freestyle Final between Bosson and Estredo. Adrien Bosson wins the final in front of Gollito Estredo, Steven van Broeockhoven and Sam Esteve.

16:00 local time Wave Double Elimination from 2nd round (during the first round of the double was no live streaming)



Day 4 – Freestyle Single Elimination & Wave Single Elimination

The first part of the freestyle elimination is missing due to some technical problems with the internet.

In the morning the first three rounds of the men freestyle single elimination got completed. The top 8 riders in the single elimination are: Loick Spicher, Steven van Broeckhoven, Adrien Bosson, Amado Vrieswijk, Sam Esteve, Dieter van der Eyken, Balz Müller and Gollito Estredo.
After the freestyle competition the race director decided to switch to the wave discipline. The single elimination of the men and women is almost finished. Ricardo Campello and Thomas Traversa made it into the men’s winnners final and Alex Mussolini and Jaeger Stone will battle for the third place in the single elimination.

In women’s competition the semi finals will be the next heat: Sarah-Quita Offringa vs Lina Erpenstein and Iballa Moreno vs Steffi Wahl.

Until 14:25 local time: 3 rounds freestyle single elimination
15:00 local time Wave Single Elimination 2nd round

Wave Elimination


Live Stream Re-watch Day 2 – Slalom 1,2 & Foil 1,2

Matteo Iachino wins both foil races and the second slalom race. Pierre Mortefon wins the first slalom race.


Live Stream Re-watch Day 1 – Wave Single Elimination

Qualification Men
Men: first round, Women: first and second round

13:00 Qualification started (Heat 1 – Grand-Guillot vs Albert vs Quentel vs Kornum, Heat 2 – Cappuzzo vs Sugi vs Williams vs Guadagnino, Heat 3 – Testa vs Haggstrom vs Ruenes vs Sims)
14:34 Women’s elimination started
15:10 Men’s Heat 1
17:34 Women’s Heat 13 + 14

Men’s fleet
There were two big upsets in the first round. Philip Köster and Marcilio Browne lost their heats. Antony Ruenes produced one of the performances of the day to take down Marcilio Browne. Philip Köster lost against Julien Quentel, who was on a single fin setup by the way and showed impressive wave riding. Jaeger Stone and Ricardo Campello are Fernandez’s title rivals left in the single elimination but to take the title, they still would rely on their fellow pros.

Women’s fleet
Lina Erpenstein, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Iballa Moreno and Steffi Wahl are the top 4 women, who remain in the single elimination. Daida withdrew from the competition due to injury. This event will be her discard event and won’t change her positions in the overall ranking.