The opening day of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sylt PWA Grand Slam saw the wave fleet take centre stage as the wind and waves arrived as predicted, which allowed a wave result for first time since 2012. The conditions proved tricky at times and the infamous Sylt shorebreak claimed several victims along the way. After a whole day of competition Alex Mussolini and Iballa Moreno won the single eliminations and the event. Alex Mussolini won his first and only PWA wave event in Sylt 2009 and now after 7 years and several top 3 places he is again on top after the single elimination.

Alex Mussolini - PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt 2016

Alex Mussolini – PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt 2016

What else?

Ricardo Campello was going out in the first round against Kenneth Danielsen. Both had the same score of 14.62 points, but Danielsen advanced due to the higher single wave score of 5.88, compared to a 5.38 score of Campello.

2015 PWA Freestyle champ Dieter van der Eyken confirmed again his form in the wave discipline and won against Adam Lewis in the first round but was then missing 1.63 points to beat an on form Kenneth Danielsen.

Pablo Ramirez Bolanos nearly managed to kick out Robby Swift in the first round. The Pozo local was leading until the last minute of the heat, but Robby Swift managed to improve his wave score in the last seconds of the heat. 

Victor Fernandez got the highest heat score with 23.13 points in his quarter final heat against Dany Bruch. Dany Bruch got 22.87 points for his heat which was the 2nd best heat score of the day.

None of the qualified riders from the trials – Gustav Haggström, Julien Quentel, Maciek Rutkowski or Martin ten Hoeve – made it through the first round.

Klaas Voget took down the 2013 PWA champion Marcilio Browne. Klaas made it on the podium at Sylt once!

Daida Moreno got the highest heat score in the women’s fleet with 21.38 points in the quarter final heat against Justyna Sniady and probably got sucked in the hardest by Sylt’s massive shore break.


Result Wave PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt 2016

Result Men

1. Alex Mussolini
2. Thomas Traversa
3. Jaeger Stone
4. Victor Fernandez
5. Klaas Voget
5. Robby Swift
5. Kenneth Danielsen
5. Daniel Bruch
9. Dieter van der Eyken
9. Alessio Stillrich
9. John Skye
9. Moritz Mauch
9. Antoine Martin
9. Camille Juban
9. Leon Jamaer
9. Marcilio Browne
17. Florian Jung
17. Gustav Haggström
17. Graham Ezzy
17. Max Droege
17. Jules Denel
17. Ricardo Campello
17. Adam Lewis
17. Marc Pare
17. Josep Pons
17. Ben Proffitt
17. Julien Quentel
17. Pablo Ramirez Bolanos
17. Maciek Rutkowski
17. Omar Sanchez
17. Aleix Sanllehy
17. Martin ten Hoeve


Result Women
1. Iballa Moreno
2. Daida Moreno
3. Sarah-Quita Offringa
4. Amanda Beinen
5. Steffi Wahl
5. Justyna Sniady
5. Lina Erpenstein
5. Alice Arturin
9. Maaike Huvermann
9. Arrianne Aukes
9. Caterina Stenta
9. Caroline Weber