Flo Gebbert from Big Sexy Pictures Media put a lot of energy in the following vid giving a great view on how the single elimination in the wavecompetition at Klitmøller looked like. The weather conditions were changing a lot, as well the wind in direction and strength. That made it even harder to land the airmoves in a perfect way. But the topguys impressed a lot nailing double forwards, massive stalled forwards, backloops with one foot or onehand off in not ideal conditions. Kauli Seadi made the best out of it and combined good jumping with excellent waveriding, which put him on top in the end! But it was very close against Ricardo Campello, who impressed again on the jumping score. The wind should pick up while the next days and perhaps we see someone else pushing for the podium or even taking the title. Kauli and Ricardo have secured their place on the podium already before the double elimination will be finished.

Results after the single elimination:

1. Kauli Seadi

2. Ricardo Campello

3. Dany Bruch

4. Kevin Pritchard

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