Today the PWA has officially announced the cancellation the PWA Wave event in Chile and the PWA Freestyle/Slalom event in Venezuela. 
The PWA had hoped to run the Venezula event in December, which should have happened in March, but the political and bad travel situation makes it impossible to run an event. Of course, the PWA hopes to run the event at a later date, next year.
PWA: “In addition to Margarita, it has also been decided to cancel the proposed Chile wave event for 2014.  A lot of work has gone into securing the event this year, but in the end it was felt by our partners in the region that the situation was not sufficiently stable for us to guarantee event early enough to make it viable. We will continue to work towards having the event in 2015.”
Remaining 2014 PWA events (we are not sure if the event on Maui is already confirmed…)
  • SYLT – FREESTYLE | SLALOM | WAVE – September 26 – October 5
  • LA TORCHE – SLALOM | WAVE – October 18 – October 26
  • MAUI – WAVE – October 29 – November 11
  • NEW CALEDONIA – SLALOM – November 18 – November 23