Everybody was expecting the southwind to arrive today, but unfortunately the morning welcomed the riders with a grey sky, colder temperatures, light rain and light wind from the northwest.

The weather did not change much during the day. The riders were killing the waiting time with walking around, working on the computers, watching some movies, eating, etc.

In the late afternoon, it looked like the northwest wind could pick up and the first heat could be started. Immediately some of the riders prepared themselves and went out on the water. Some could even plan and show some moves. The insufficient conditions made no competition possible. The PWA was waiting and hoping for wind until 7pm, only to walk home without achieving anything.

Two days are left until the end of the competition and everybody is still hoping for the wind to arrive. To leave nothing undone, the skippersmeeting tomorrow is set again for 6 o´clock in the morning with a first possible start at 6.15.

Gollito Estredo and Andy Chambers - Pic: PWA/John Carter