Day 4 at Jinha Beach, South Korea brought a lot of rain, some little waves plus some sudden gusts, which were not enough for any races. Antoine Albeau and Alice Arutkin could keep their lead.

Angulo was the only one, who made it on the water (Pic:

Three more days are to go. The next two days could bring some thermal breezes. In the meantime Dan Ellis produced a video about the rainy day. Check it out! He is super busy at his comeback event!

What else went on? The PWA went for a battle of the blogs through their cool liveticker. Paul Griffiths and Paul Hunt selected all updates, which came in. Here is the top 5 ranking:

1. Sean O’Brien’s blog looks smooth, is bang up to date via a twitter feed, and has plenty of pictures. Plus we’re promised some videos soon.

2. Dan Ellis’s blog (Mistral) contains daily updates, with plenty of videos. They’re not the best quality, but are amusing all the same!

3. Kurosh Kiani (Angulo, Simmer) has a good mix of entertaining and informative posts in both static and video format. Well worth a look.

4. Not only does Chris Pressler (Starboard, Severne) keep the content fresh on Continentseven, but he also finds the time to fill his own blog with wise words and great pictures when he’s racing on tour.

5. HD video, high res pics, and a built in bang up to date twitter feed all contribute towards Kevin Pritchard’s (Starboard, Gaastra, Dakine) awesome blog.