19 ladies and 55 men were competing at the first 2015 PWA Slalom for the women and men held at Jinha Beach in South Korea. The event saw two days with suitable slalom conditions. In the end 4 eliminations for the ladies and 2 for the men got finished. Sarah-Quita Offringa won the ladies category in a really tight battle with Lena Erdil in the last race. Young upcoming talent Fulya Ünlü from Izmir, Turkey made it in third place. 


In the men’s category it was again Antoine Albeau, who came on top after two eliminations. He is Mr. consistent on tour and doesn’t make any big mistakes. He won the event without winning an elimination. His fellow countryman Pierre Mortefon, who is 17 years younger, finished on the second place. Josh Angulo made it in third place and set a strong sign at the beginning of the season, that he will battle for podiums in 2015. We saw a few upsets of big names like Cyril Moussilmani, Ben van der Steen, Finian Maynard or Cedric Bordes, but we as well saw a lot of younger riders pushing hard for the finals. 


Watch a selection of the best videos from the PWA Slalom at South Korea

PWA Slalom South Korea 2015 - Highlights from the final day of competition;PWA Slalom South Korea 2015 - Day 5;Sarah-Quita Offringa's pitwalk;Ben Proffitt's pitwalk;PWA Slalom South Korea - Day 2 Highlights


Result PWA Slalom South Korea 2015



1. Antoine Albeau

2. Pierre Mortefon

3. Josh Angulo

4. Ross Williams

5. Pascal Toselli

6. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel

7. Matteo Iachino

8. Arnon Dagan

9. Marco Lang

10. Steve Allen

11. Antoine Questel

12. Malte Reuscher

13. Sebastian Kördel

14. Andrea Cucchi

15. Alexandre Cousin

16. Micah Buzianis

17. Enes Yilmazer

18. Julien Quentel

19. Maciek Rutkowski

20. Cyril Moussilmani

21. Benjamin Augé

21. Ben van der Steen

23. Jimmy Diaz

24. Lucovic Jossin

25. Kurosh Kiani

26. Jordy Vonk

27. Fred Morin

27. Enrico Marotti

27. Tristan Algret

30. Casper Bouman




1. Sarah-Quita Offringa

2. Lena Erdil

3. Fulya Ünlü

4. Delphine Cousin

5. Cagla Kubat

6. Ayako Suzuki

7. Maria Andres

8. Marion Mortefon

9. Mio Anayama

10. Marion Dusart

11. Valerie Ghibaudo

12. Oceane Lescadieu

14. Esther de Geus

15. Haruna Ozaki

16. Sayaka Iwal

17. Nimet Tulumen

18. Yun-Hee Lim

19. Miriam Rasmussen