Ben van der Steen wins the first race of the PWA Slalom Fuerteventura in front of Antoine Albeau and Peter Volwater. After two days of waiting for the wind to materialize, the wind finally arrived in the late morning. The wind even picked up to about 25 knots in gusts stronger, which brought some riders into troubles, which were still on their bigger equipment. However the stronger winds did not stay for long. After 11 heats the air temperature went up and the wind dropped again to zero Bft. The competitors continued to be teased by the wind during the afternoon, but in the end their patience duly paid off and race no.1 was concluded.

Watch our video from the winners final of the first race:



RESULT Race No. 1

  1. Ben van der Steen
  2. Antoine Albeau
  3. Peter Volwater
  4. Micah Buzianis
  5. Björn Dunkerbeck
  6. Julien Quentel
  7. Benoit Moussilmani
  8. Sylvain Moussilmani
  9. Arnon Dagan
  10. Pierre Mortefon