It definitely is not a windy event this year at Alacati and the sailors have been on their biggest sails and boards. Until now, we have seen many upsets, many crashes, a lot of pumping and some young names hurry past the older names. After three finished eliminations in the men’s and women’s category, the Frenchmen Pierre Mortefon and Sarah-Quita Offringa are leading the ranks. Today in the evening the fourth elimination got already started and we saw some early upsets as Ben van der Steen and Bjorn Dunkerbeck missed to qualify to the second round. Tomorrow is already the final day of the event and it will be an exciting final, as most of the sailors are hoping to finish the fourth race, which will discard the worst result and will bring a change in the ranks.


Slide Show from the last two days of competition



Although the Frenchmen Pierre Mortefon has not won one single race, he is currently leading the ranks with a 2nd, a 5th and a 9th place. He has not done many mistakes and is one of the fastest in these conditions. Tomorrow is the final day of the event and it will be an exciting final. The fourth race will bring the first discard, which will change the ranking a bit.

 Pierre Mortefon



Andrea Cucchi won the second race and his first ever elimination victory on the PWA World Tour. Congrats to Andrea! But in race four he got taken out by the German Denis Standhart, who just jibed upwind of the Italian, although there was no space in between the board and the mark. But Standhart not only took out Cucchi, he crashed into Steve Allen, too, who then missed to qualify from the first round in elimination 3. That was definitely dangerous sailing by the German and we are pretty sure he will get a warning or even a fine. Sure, there are no rules on the course, but this is lack of sportsmanship.



Starboard’s head of the racing departement Remi Vila has travelled to Alacati to test some 2015 iSonic prototypes. This model on the picture is the third version of the 130 liter Starboard iSonic.

Remi Vila - Pic: Continentseven

Remi Vila – Pic: Continentseven


Maciek Rutkowski and Sean O’Brien are always connected. They are staying close to the event site and can follow the updates from there. 


Although the event site offers some pillows, sunshades and of course seaview, it seems that not many people in Turkey are interested in the event and the Slalom action. Can be various reasons, but there are hardly spectators on the beach. Let’s hope that maybe on the final day the people will show-up to watch the action and the award ceremony.


Unfortunately the live cams were most of the time in this position because of the lack of wind. Let’s hope for a great, final day, a lot of wind and many spectators.

Tomorrow is the final day of the event. Let’s hope for a lot of wind and many spectators.


Provisional Result Men

  1. Pierre Mortefon
  2. Antoine Questel
  3. Cyril Moussilmani
  4. Julien Quentel
  5. Alberto Menegatti
  6. Ben van der Steen
  7. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
  8. Andrea Cucchi
  9. Antoine Albeau
  10. Micah Buzianis

full result 


Provisional Result Women

  1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
  2. Delphine Cousin
  3. Cagla Kubat
  4. Ayako Suzuki
  5. Lena Erdil
  6. Valerie Arrighetti
  7. Fulya Ünlü

full result