The final day in Reggio Calabria delivered wind late in the day, as it had the previous evening. At around 17:30 the remaining heats of the men could be started and afterwards a second women´s elimination got started. In the end Björn Dunkerbeck and Karin Jaggi are the winners of the first slalom of the 2012 season.

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Björn Dunkerbeck were fighting for the first place – Pic: PWA/John Carter

The Winners Final of the men
From the start line, it was Jimmy Diaz, Costa Hoevel and Antoine Albeau who led from the rest of the pack. Even though Dunkerbeck didn’t get off to the best start he was quickly in hot pursuit of the top three sailors, as he once again demonstrated his blistering top speed and faultless gybes, to put himself right in contention. The final saw history repeat itself, just as in Vietnam last year, the race for the finish line would involve Dunkerbeck and Costa Hoevel. In Vietnam Dunkerbeck beat Costa Hoevel by a matter of inches to claim the event win in the final race, and the same happened again today. The super calm Dunkerbeck kept his cool under severe pressure and in doing so created a strong start to the defense of his title. Costa Hoevel led from start to within feet of the finish until Dunkerbeck just edged ahead to leave him in second.

The men winners – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Women’s Second Elimination Winners Final
After dominating yesterday proceedings Jaggi was in confident mood, especially after winning her semi-final as well. But Jaggi was up against a super motivated Arrighetti who was keen to make a mends after previously missing out on the winners final. Jaggi and Arrighetti were very close in the last heat, and the final proved no different as they both got off to fantastic starts. Arrighetti was sailing flawlessly, both in a straight line and through the corners. On this occasion Arrighetti proved too much for Jaggi, and the evidently delighted French woman came out on top. Linares sailed a much stronger final this time around managing a third place finish in her inaugural PWA event on home soil, whilst fourth went to Cousin.

The women winners – Pic: PWA/John Carter




  1. Karin Jaggi
  2. Lena Erdil
  3. Valérie Arrighetti
  1. Björn Dunkerbeck
  2. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
  3. Antoine Albeau

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