Daida Moreno, the winner of the supersession, during a double Forward Loop (Pic: Carter/PWA 2012).


On the final day of the event the wind was much lighter and came from a more onshore direction, but there were waves still breaking. Despite these less ideal conditions the PWA announced to run a supersession with a start at 13.45 and a heat duration of 15 minutes.

16 men and 8 ladies registered for the best trick competition. In the men´s category 2 qualifying heats with 8 sailors were sailed first, with the best three sailors qualifying for the final heat. The ladies had only one heat of 15 minutes.

HEAT 1: Philip Köster, who only had a 4,2 in his van as his biggest sail, managed to quallify for the final, although he seemed to be really underpowered. Victor Fernandez and Kenneth Danielsen qualified in heat 1 as well.

HEAT 2: In heat two Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello and Jules Denel managed to make it through. All of them landed double Forwards or tweaked Pushloops. The conditions were really difficult, shifting wind and sometimes no wind at all made it hard for the riders to find good ramps.

After the qualifying heats in the men´s category the ladies super session got started. As expected the Moreno Twins dominated the heat. Both went for really big moves. Iballa landed several Tabletop Forwards and a massive Backloop. Daida landed a perfect one handed Backloop and Karin Jaggi nailed a big Pushloop. In the end Daida Ruano Moreno got announced as the winner. She was extremely happy about the victory and it will motivate her to fight even harder at the next PWA Wave event on Tenerife to beat her twinsister Iballa in the main competition.

Ricardo rotates through an Airchacho (Pic: Carter/PWA 2012).



In the men´s supersession final the wind was really light. After one third of the heat Philip sailed straight to the beach and changed to his 4,7 sail, which his mother Linda had brought and his caddy-dad Rolf had already rigged. Just perfect teamwork!! 4,7 was a good sized sail and he nailed a perfect Double Forward. Ricardo landed a great Double as well and an Air Chacho. Victor Fernandez scored excellent points with another Double. “Brownzinho” landed an Air Chacho too. In the end it was again Philip Köster though, who won the Supersession. It seems like he is really hard to beat at the moment.

Philip during the supersession (Pic: Carter/PWA 2012).


Supersession Results:


1. Daida Moreno

2. Iballa Moreno

3. Karin Jaggi



1. Philip Köster

2. Ricardo Campello

3. Victor Fernandez