2011 Costa Teguise Lanzarote World Cup – the exciting final day


Day 4: The astounding island of Lanzarote delivers remarkable conditions for the final day of competition allowing Estredo to stamp down his authority on the shores of Costa Teguise. As the sailors awoke for the fourth day of competition, a storm cloud lingered over the event site reflecting the atmosphere between the remaining twelve sailors, as they entered the final heats of the double elimination.

Gollito is back on top performing outstanding Shakas in the bay of Costa Teguise (Pic: PWA/Carter).


With howling winds forecast the competition was postponed until midday, allowing the crowds on the beach to gather and the tension to rise. When one o’clock struck, the wind was blowing over 20 knots and sea state was choppy with the occasional wave rolling in, ensuring the spectators were treated to an exciting show as the sailors were able to launch into their largest aerial maneuvers.

Heat 44 was first to hit the water, seeing Bonaire’s Bjorn Saragoza (Starboard / Hot Sails) and Belgian Dieter Van Der Eyken (Starboard / Severne) work their way past Taty Frans (Starboard / MauiSails / Mystic) and Ian Mouro Lemos (JP / NeilPryde). Mouro Lemos looked to be struggling with the conditions as he failed to complete all the required moves, whilst Van Der Eyken took his first heat by storm sailing a carefully planned out attack on Taty.


Next up, Kiri Thode (Starboard / Gaastra) started his rampage through the ranks, squeezing past Tonky Frans (Tabou / Gaastra) in a really close heat that resulted in a two to one decision from the judges in favor of Thode. Meanwhile Yarden Meir (Fanatic / Simmer) hit the water ready to shake up the results and continue with his previous day’s performance. Meir’s opponent Phil Soltysiak (Starboard / Dakine) played his consistent card throughout the heat, whilst Meir chose a higher risk strategy, attempting air chachoos and big forward loops to catch the judge’s eye. Meir was rewarded with his efforts and granted access into the next round.


Heat 46 was run in two separate parts allowing the judges to form a panel of five to watch the action unfold. Saragoza continued his winning streak, steaming past Van Der Eyken with his enormous shakas and clean konos. Meir then went on to face the mighty Thode. With little to lose Meir attempted his reckless routine of high power maneuvers; however he looked to buckle under the pressure of Thode and went onto crash many of his critical tricks.

Kiri went big in the double elimination winning 5 heats in a row (Pic: PWA/Carter).


Thode’s charge through the double elimination continued as he stormed past Davy Scheffer’s (Tabou / Gaastra) and Anthony Ruenes (Tabou / Simmer) in two incredible heats, seeing all the sailors bring their most impressive moves to the table. Thode managed to sail his way to victory with his gravity defying kabikutchis and spock culos.

With only one more heat between him and the final, Thode went on to face his arch nemesis Steven Van Broeckhoven (F2 / Gaastra). The two sailors matched each other move for move, in what turned out to be astoundingly close heat. Van Broeckhoven’s Bongka and mind blowing no handed burner separated the pair seeing him snatch the win by just half a point on the judges score sheets.


Steven rotates through a Pushloop. The move he hurt his knee badly at VIetnam earlier the season (Pic: PWA/Carter).



The crowds on the beach were treated to an exceptional display of talent as yesterday’s duo Jose Estredo (Fanatic / North) and Van Broeckhoven took to the water for the final. Estredo delivered a colossal air chachoo providing him with the edge shortly followed by a succession of enormous air moves. Van Broeckhoven fought hard, however he appeared to be overpowered and crashed a few essential moves in his attempt to slay the four times world champion, allowing Estredo to take advantage and win the event title.

The victors were crowned at the awards ceremony on the beach, where each sailor was presented with a novelty trophy. Steven Van Broeckhoven’s second place means he now sits at the top of the overall event rankings and Kiri Thode moves down into second.

The winners of the 2011 Costa Teguise event (Pic: PWA/Carter).


Jose “Gollito” Estredo stated after his first victory of the 2011 season: “I feel amazing, I am really happy to have won this event! It is my first event of the year and the fifth time I have won here. I feel really confident for the next events and I am really looking forward to Fuerteventura.”

Congrats to Gollito, Steven and Kiri making it on the podium at Costa Teguise!!

Final Results (one double elimination)

1. Jose Estredo

2nd Steven Van Broeckhoven

3rd Kiri Thode

4th Anthony Ruenes

5th Davy Scheffers

Full result here

Freestyle ranking after 5 events here


The PWA circus will now head over to the stunning island of Gran Canaria, for the opening event on the men and women’s wave calendar. The Pozo Wave World Cup runs from the 5th- 10th July, and promises unreal action, sky high jumps, slick wave riding and crazy crashes from the world’s most gifted wave sailors. The freestyle tour, which already saw 5 events this season will continue at Sotavento, Fuerteventura from the 22nd till the 27th of July 2011. The final will take place on Sylt at the beach of Westerland while the last week of September 2011.


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