Day 1 at the PWA ladies Slalom at Almanarre, France saw a great start. 21 ladies registered until 12.00. Most of the big names were on the list except the whole Turkish ladies team. They all seem to have an important event in their own country, which overlaps with the 4th PWA Slalom of the 2010 season. At 13.00 the skippers meeting were held and the first possible start was scheduled with 14.00. The suitable conditions showed up 15 minutes later and the red flag went up at 14:30 for the very first time.

An birdseyeview on the eventarea (Pic: Carter/ PWAworldtour 2010).

The spot proofed its qualities – the wind reached 9 – 12 knots – and 3 full rounds followed. Last years Slalom worldchampion Valerie Arrighetti was definitely on form and could win all three eliminations of today.

Valerie had a bit more speed on day 1 (Pic: Carter/PWAworldtour 2010).

Alice Arutkin and Karin Jaggi were on the heels of Valerie, but never could beat her. Karin finished the day in 2nd position, just two points in front of Alice. In 4th and 5th position are placed the French ladies Lise Vidal and Fanny Aubet after 3 full rounds.

Karin Jaggi with a very solid performance on day 1 (Pic: Carter/ PWAworldtour 2010).

Alice started well and likes to race in her homecountry (Pic: Carter/ PWAworldtour 2010).

The racing day had been finished at 18.00. The skipper’s meeting will be held at 11:00 with a first possible start of 11:30 on day 2.

Result after day 1:

1. Valerie Arrighetti (2,1 points)

2. Karin Jaggi (8,0 points)

3. Alice Arutkin (10,0 points)

4. Lise Vidal (17,0 points)

5. Fanny Aubet (17,0 points)

full result