Philip Köster wins the PWA Kia Cold Hawaii 2015 event in front of Victor Fernandez and Marcilio Browne.

Philip Köster: “I felt very comfortable on the water today once I changed to my bigger board and sail, which I need because I’m a bit heavier than everyone. For me it was a perfect day, Everyone heat went great and I scored my best wave ever here with the 360 in the single elimination. I wasn’t sure if I was going to win the final because I had one very good wave, but then the second one was a bit sketchy, Overall I was very happy though, I’d been watching Victor in the heats before and he was absolutely ripping and it was a huge challenge to sail against him like always.”




Video from Day 5



RESULT PWA KIA Cold Hawaii 2015

1. Philip Köster

2. Victor Fernandez

3. Marcilio Browne

4. Jaeger Stone

5. Klaas Voget

6. Kenneth Danielsen

7. Jules Denel

7. Ricardo Campello

9. Moritz Mauch

9. Robby Swift

9. Alex Mussolini 

9. Thomas Traversa

13. Graham Ezzy

13. Florian Jung

13. John Skye

13. Daniel Bruch

17. Dieter van der Eyken

17. Aleix Sanllehy

17. Josep Pons Casanovas

17. Ben Proffitt

17. Adam Lewis

17. Antoine Martin

17. Camille Juban

25. Martin ten Hoeve

25. Maciek Rutkowski

25. Omar Sanchez

25. Pablo Ramirez

25. Lars Petersen

25. Marc Pare

25. Arthur Arutkin

25. Mads Bjorna


 Link: Double Elimination