Day 5 was another lay day at the PWA Kia Cold Hawaii event at Klitmøller in Denmark. So, the film crew digged into the history of the spot Cold Hawaii, which used to be populated by the local fishermen. Then the surfers and windsurfers came and they were seen as black sheeps by the local community. They had a reputation of contributing very little to the local economy while giving locals headaches when rigging their sails in people’s gardens, partying in the open air till morning hours or sneaking in to wash rooms of local camp sites to secretly rinse their wet suits. This has changed nowadays. Alex Mussolini, Adam Lewis, Florian Jung and Daniel Bruch teamed up with local fishermen Kurt Johansen and Peter Sand, father of Robert Sand, who is the project manager of the event, to spend a sunny afternoon on the North Sea and catch some fish.


“Fishermen and windsurfers or surfers have a similar mind set just being out and enjoying the ocean together; with different conditions but it is the same sort of feeling I guess.” (Adam Lewis)


This a a bit different video from a World Cup but gives a nice backstage view into the life of the local fishermen and the spot.