Some of the world’s top wave windsurfers travelled to Chile to take part in the PWA/IWT Surazo Infernal 2023. This event was the second event of the newly founded unified PWA/IWT Wave Tour. Philip Köster, Camille Juban, Leon James or Julian Salmon battled it out in epic conditions at the stunning coastline of Matanzas, showcasing their best skills and pushing the limits of what’s possible in wave riding. And the conditions did not disappoint and the event saw winners in all categories.

Australian Jane Seman and 5times PWA Wave World Champion Philip Köster won the Pro categories. We guess they both lead the overall rankings after two events (Japan & Chile)

Watch a crisp edit from Matanzas where the riders enjoyed riding in down the line conditions to become the next Wave World Champion!


PWA/IWT Surazo Infernal 2023 – Final Highlights

Footage courtesy of Cosmo Films

Results PWA/IWT Surazo Infernal 2023

Pro Men

1. Philip Köster
2. Camille Juban
3. Julian Salmonn
4. Baptiste Cloarec
5. Leon Jamaer
5. Benjamin Fabres


1. Jane Seman
2. Börte Pürschel
3. Carolyne Vita


1. Liam Dunkerbeck
2. Hyata Ishii
3. Inaki Maturana


1 Felipe Wedeles
2. Arnaut Frennet
3. Kilian du Couedic
5. Mariano Pecora