The forecast promised more wind and waves for the 5th day of the PWA Pozo Wind & Wave Festival 2013, but in the end the conditions were not consistent enough to start the “real” competition.

The bay of Pozo


The wind started already in the early morning, but was very onshore in the bay of Pozo. Just Noah Vocker, the young upcoming talent from Lanzarote was on the water. Many specatators lined up at the beach to see some action. The conditions constantly improved and the final of the juniors competition got started. Moritz Mauch, Marc Pare and Benjamin Roca Ward fought for the top place on the podium. Moritz showed the best skills and landed Forward Loop and was riding the best wave of this heat. During the final the wind dropped and the three finalists had a hard time to keep planing. The three juniors were really unlucky as the wind started to pick up half an hour later. It was great to watch the young generation competing.  “All three sailors – Mauch, Benjamin and Pare – landed forward loops, but it was the wave riding department that really separated the three sailors, with Mauch in particular excelling in the challenging conditions. The seventeen year old scored the best wave of the heat towards the end of the final as he linked three backside smacks to take control of the heat. With no time to respond there was no way of stopping Mauch from marching to the title with Roca Ward and Pare in second and third place respectively” (PWA, Chris Yates)


Top three juniors 


The conditions improved during the afternoon and we spotted many top names on the water: Victor Fernandez, Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello, Jonas Ceballos, Gollito Estredo, Peter Volwater, Flo Jung, Thomas Traversa, Alex Mussolini, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Boujmaa Guilloul, Martin Ten Hoeve, Alessio Stillrich, Justyna Sniady, Peter Volwater, Jules and Justin Denel, Eleazar Alonso, Moritz Mauch, Klaas Voget, Martin Ten Hoeve, Antoine Martin, Adam Lewis, Tuomo Naalisvaara, Karin Jaggi, Daida and Iballa Moreno, Klaas Voget, Leon Jamaer, Dany Bruch, Omar Sanchez. We didn’t see Philip Köster on the water. He probably sailed at his homespot Vargas.



The conditions looked good for a short period, but the waves dropped too much and it was not possible to run a competition. Outstanding sailors on the water were  Ricardo Campello, who landed big double Forwards, Marcilio Browne, who ripped the waves apart and the riders from Tenerife Alex Mussolini and Dany Bruch. Daida Moreno impressed us with really nice airmoves. And the local sailors like Alessio Stillrich, Jonas Ceballos or Omar Sanchez showed great skills, too.

Peter Volwater said about the day: “The conditions were close to run a competition for half an hour. I had fun out there sailing on 5,5 and later on 5,0. Let’s keep the fingers crossed for the final day.”

We hope for good conditions on the final day to see at least an Expression session. The skippersmeeting for the final day is set for 9.00.