The second day of the PWA Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2013 was another lay day, as the wind  did never blow with more than 5 knots during the day. The bay of Pozo was extremely flat today, just from time to time a little wave set broke at the reef in front of the bunker. Some riders went swimming, Ricardo Campello decided to run a one man tow-in show. 




At the moment it looks, as if  the first windsurfing action will happen on Friday afternoon or Saturday early morning. We spoke with several riders and most of them think, that it will not be possible to see a full double elimination this year.
But let’s see, as we already wrote, anything can happen. It’s very unusual to have absolutely no wind at this period of the year, but we remember years, which had a few days with lighter wind, too. The strong trade winds will build up wind waves and at certain tides 1,5 m high waves will break at the bunker. Let’s hope that the forecasted wind will materialize.

The tension is on. It’s the first wave event of the season and the riders are prepared. Let’s hope for fair conditions, as the heats are tough from the first round on. The men’s fleet got reduced from 48 to 32 riders. In the ladies category 15 women will fight for the event title and for some of them it is the first event of their career. It is the first event for Stenta Caterina from Italy and Gilje Sophia Joy, who is starting for the UK, but lives in Spain. Sarah-Quita Offringa, the multiple freestyle World Champion, will compete for her very first time in the waves discipline at Pozo. She got a hard first round draw and will sail against top local and event co-organiser Daida Ruano Moreno. Laure Treboux is not on the starting list this year.