Today is the final day of the 2014 PWA Freestyle World Cup on Fuerteventura. The main focus will be on the completion of the double elimination of the men. 11-12 heats are missing to know the final winner and Sarah-Quita Offringa has crowned herself 2014 PWA Freestyle World Champ.



The double elimination of the women is already finished. Sarah-Quita Offringa has defended her single elimination victory and won against Olya Raskina, who was able to win against Oda Johanne. “I’m always really happy and today we had some little waves, which made things fun. Overall I’m pleased with my performance on the water and happy to win.” Sarah-Quita Offringa.


Sarah-Quita wins

Sarah-Quita wins


With this victory Sarah-Quita has crowned herself “2014 PWA Freestyle World Champion”. Olya Raskina is the big surprise of the event and finished second in front of the Norwegian Oda Johanne. Yoli de Brendt and Maaike Huvermann were fighting back through the double elimination, but were not able to make it into the top 3. Both of them have injuries. Yoli has muscle problems in her left arm and Maaike has a twisted ankle. Missing was Arrianne Aukes, who has the worst injury. She was not able to compete due to torn ligaments in her ankle. Arrianne is already at home and we wish a quick recovery!!


Olya Raskina and Maaike Huvermann will compete for the third place overall. Both have the same points after the the event on Bonaire and Fuerteventura. So we will see one more exciting ladies heat, which will be run during the double elimination of the men today. Oda Johanne is in second place, what’s her biggest success so far. Sarah-Quita Offringa is winning her next freestyle title. Big congrats! The award ceremony will take place at 4.30 pm


Olya Raskina & Maaike Huvermann - Pic: Susanne Timm

Olya Raskina & Maaike Huvermann – Pic: Susanne Timm




On August 1 the real Sotavento wind was on. In 30 to 4o knots of wind the PWA race crew ran 24 men heats in the double elimination and completed the ladies double elimination.


The double elimination on day 3 saw the best conditions of the event and incredible action from all riders from the first round on. The biggest surprise of the day was definitely Rafael de Windt from Curacao, who won 4 heats and now is in between the last 12 remaining riders. Dieter van der Eyken won in a thrilling heat against Tonky Frans. Davy Scheffers kept off a strong sailing Adi Beholz. Antony Ruenes won against Andy “Bubble” Chambers and qualified for the last 12.


Dieter van der Eyken

Dieter van der Eyken – Pic: PWA/John Carter



The show of the men was impressive. The wind and chop allowed air moves like Paskos, Air Chachos, Backloops, but most of the moves were hardcore freestyle moves like Culos, Konos, Burners, Kabikuchis, Skopus, double Spocks.

We would like to mention Hugo de Sousa, who improved a lot in competition. He went extremely high in his moves on the way in, but risked a bit too much against strong performing Adam Gavriel from Israel.

Youp Schmit was competing altough he felt massive pain in his knee. Big respect for that. He lost to Tonky Frans in the third round. Many young riders were showing great skills, like Yentel Caers, Nick van Ingen, Rick Jendrusch and Loick Spicher this time. A radical show was put on the water by Adam Gavriel and Yarden Meir from Israel.


We captured a lot of radical video action and will share it with you during the next days and weeks. At the moment we are waiting for the wind to kick in. Massive clouds are hanging in the sky and the thermal wind isn’t working as usual.


Watch the video from the double elimination: 


2014 Fuerteventura Worldcup Double elimination day 3


The actual men’s double elimination ladder:

double elimination men Fuerteventura

double elimination men Fuerteventura (Source:PWAworldtour 2014)