Airtemperatures with up to 45°C and no wind. “Calima”, a occasionally strange weather phenomenon brought extremely hot temperatures over the islands. The wind never came back during the last three days of competition.

Empty tribunes - Pic:

Empty tribunes - Pic:


Congratulations to Sarah-Quita Offringa, who gets now crowned PWA Freestyle Worldchampion 2009 by winning both Freestyle events, on Lanzarote in the beginning of July and here at Sotavento. She definitely set a new level in the sport, landing an incredible repertoire of clean newschooltricks. Congratulations as well to Daida Moreno, who got the Vice-title in the Freestyle discipline, although she focuses more on the wave discipline.

Gollito dominated the men´s freestyle, but had hard opponents with Tonky Frans and Marcilio Browne. Tonky Frans sailed incredible consistent and sticked a lot of extremely clean moves with high difficulties. Marcilio Browne, who still likes the freestyle discipline a lot and seems to train hard and landed incredible quick Airfunnels and Burners. But we should mention as well Steven van Broeckhoven on 4th place, Kiri Thode on 5th place and Taty Frans, who as well impressed with their tricks. Young talents are coming up very strong like Davy Scheffers or Björn Saragoza.



Sarah-Quita and Gollito - Pic:

Sarah-Quita and Gollito - Pic: PWA/John Carter


Result Men:
1. Gollito Estredo
2. Tonky Frans
3. Marcilio Browne
4. Steven van Broeckhoven
5. Kiri Thode
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Result Women:
1. Sarah Quita Offringa
2. Daida Moreno
3. Yoli de Brendt
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