On the second day of the freestyle competition in Fuerteventura we saw the continuation of the men’s single elimination and the start of the women’s single elimination.

Only 5 men and 4 women are left in the single elimination. We saw no surprises in the ladies fleet. Sarah-Quita Offringa had the high score of the day with 114.9 points landing a smooth Spock Culo (17.7 points) and entertained the crowd with some raggaeton dance on the beach. Quite entertaining. Maaike Huvermann showed smooth moves. Funny note: in the quarter finals she followed her opponent Claire Elliott did exactly the same moves like her opponent. The Dutch talent landed a brilliant Shoveit Spock combo!! She will now face Oda Johanne Brodholt, who is a bit sick has has fever, but sailed very solid landing Konos or powerful Forwards. Arrianne Aukes surprised as well with an excellent performance. She prepared in Turkey for the event and looks like it pays off. Smooth switch moves, Shakas or Spocks. Great to watch!

Sarah-Quita Offringa slides through the moves in choppy conditions (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

In the men’s fleet we saw a lot of surprising results. The wind conditions were difficult. Sometimes the wind stopped or wasn’t exactly there where the riders were.

Title contender Amado Vrieswijk lost in the quarters against Italian Jacopo Testa. 9 times freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo lost in round two against Bonaire local Youp Schmit. EFPT tour winner Yentel Caers lost against Steven van Broeckhoven in the quarter finals in a very tight heat. Just 0.7 points separated them (162.5 vs 161.8 points). The heat between Youp Schmit and Sam Esteve will be re-sailed today. Sam Esteve got announced as the winner, but somehow there were faults in the points and discussions about a new move and the eight move. Just 4 out of 7 moves are counting. So let’s see, who will make it into the top 4 today. Youp Schmit is one of the riders who is fighting for the 2019 PWA freestyle World title. The Belgian rider Steven van Broeckhoven and Dieter van der Eyken, both are former freestyle World Champions, surprised with brilliant heats and advanced into the top 4. Dieter sailed very strong against Antony, who started his last move, an unhanded AirFunnel Burner, a part of a second too late. It didn’t count, but wouldn’t have changed the result. Dieter had enough big points. Italian Jacopo Testa was definitely the rider, who caused most upsets. He as well won against a very strong performing Davy Scheffers by 4 points only and with less than 6 points difference over tour leader Amado Vrieswijk.


Who can still win the single elimination?

MEN: Jacopo Testa, Dieter van der Eyken, Steven van Broeckhoven and Sam Esteve or Youp Schmit. 

explanation: Since the end of the day, it has since come to light, under a review, that a move was missed between Sam Esteve and Youp Schmit and the two sailors will now have to resail their heat tomorrow.

WOMEN: Oda Johanne Brodholt, Maaike Huvermann, Arrianne Aukes and Sarah-Quita Offringa

The skippers meeting on day 3 will be at 10:30am with a first possible start at 11am.