Gollito Estredo and Sarah-Quita are the winners of the PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle World Cup 2017. Both managed to defend their single elimination victories and held off their contenders. Sarah-Quita Offringa as well won her 10th PWA freestyle title in Fuerteventura as this event was the only PWA Freestyle women event in 2017. Maaike Huvermann made it in second and Oda Johanne in third in the event ranking and overall ranking.

PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle World Cup 2017 – Video Highlights

Result Men
after 1 double elimination

1. Gollito Estredo
2. Amado Vrieswijk
3. Yentel Caers
4. Jacopo Testa
5. Steven van Broeckhoven
6. Adrien Bosson
7. Antony Ruenes, Dieter van der Eyken
9. Kiri Thode, Sam Esteve, Tonky Frans, Taty Frans
13. Antoine Albert, Balz Müller, Phil Soltysiak, Rick Jendrusch


WOMEN Result
after 2 double elimination

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
2. Maaike Huvermann
3. Oda Johanne Brodholt
4. Arrianne Aukes
5. Olya Raskina, Birgit Rieger
7. Clare Elliott
8. Hanna Poschinger, Alexa Escherich
10. Stefania Fumagalli