On the fourth day of the competition Gollito Estredo was able to defend his lead from the single elimination. This is the video of Gollito’s final heat against Kiri Thode, who finished second.

Gollito landed 12 perfect moves, crashed just one and the judges had to decide for the best 4 on each tack. He would have had the chance to try one more trick on the way out, which would have taken into consideration by the 5 judges. It was the only heat of Gollito on day 3 at Sotavento. He was fresh, but it’s always hard to be ready, when waiting for the final of the double elimination. Gollito is the favorite, but both the finalists, Tonky Frans and Kiri Thode from Bonaire (Tonky lives on Lanzarote actually), fought hard to beat the 5 times world champion, but were not able in the end. Gollito sails very consistently and nails all the big moves perfectly.

Moves on the way in: Burner / Spock Culo / Airfunnel Crash / Culo / Airfunnel one handed 720 / Kono / Skopu
Moves on the way out: Shaka / Airflaka one handed / Ponch Flaka / Toad / Pasko / Burner


Head judge Duncan Coombs about Gollito: “He was the winner of the final in the double elimination, because he had more style in his heat. Gollitp proved that he can sail in waves and choppy to flat water conditions. He is strong in all kind of conditions.” 



VIDEO Gollito Estredo – Winners Final 1st Double Elimination