Day 3 at Sotavento started very calm with a lot of clouds and no wind. The tide came up during the early afternoon and the wind needed until 4 p.m. to pick up to allow the start of the men’s double elimination. 




At 4 pm the PWA racecrew started with the double elimination of the men and were able to finish 16 heats. Most of the riders were on 4,8 at the beginning, a few on 5.2.The first surprise of the double elimination was Yarden Meir, who won against Davy Scheffers. Chris Yates (PWA): “The Israeli maestro landed clean burners and a brilliant air flaka into flaka to book his place in the third round.”

Björn Saragoza sailed really well, nailed probably the Pasko of the day and made his way up through the double elimination into the top 16. Adam Gavriel had a strong day, too and is in the top 16.

The younger riders Oscar Carmichael, Max Matissek won two heats in the Double Elimination, sailed great heats, but got stopped by big names in round three. Two other riders to name are the German Adi Beholz and the Dutch Nick van Ingen who both showed a strong performance.


Adam Gavriel from Israel and Björn Saragoza impressed with great air moves and made it into the top 16, same as Rick Jendrusch, who defeated Christopher Kalk. The heat between Akgazciyan and Meir needs a re-sail and will be the first heat of day 4.

We can expect strong heats for tomorrow. The wind forecast looks promising, but the tide will come up in the early afternoon, with a record level, which will probably influence the wind like in the last days. 

Only 11 heats are left (or 12 if the final needs to be sailed twice) to finish the first double elimination.